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Fresh Perspectives Media (FPM) was established in 2008 and has since built a strong reputation as one of the country's top producers of Webmercials - commercials created specifically for the web. FPM not only has the facility and equipment to handle high-end video projects, but we also have a compassionate and enthusiastic crew, and a knack for story telling. FPM is flexible enough to handle any production need, with its large network of crewmembers across the country.

FPM team members come from a variety of backgrounds, including television and film, web design, and the fashion/entertainment industry. We currently have clients that range from mom & pop businesses, sporting leagues, non-profits to event-based businesses. FPM specializes in the development of video portfolios for companies, organizations and individuals to showcase their ideas, talents and skills within their prospective marketplace. FPM's diverse clientele creates a unique environment where each production garners individualized attention and a fresh perspective.

The team at FPM strives to meet the highest possible standards in the industry, even if it means going above what is expected of us. Our clients typically say that we have exceeded their expectations by using new techniques on each project. As Fresh Perspectives Media looks to the future, the FPM team continues to embrace the latest technological advancements to provide exceptional videography services. With so many production companies to choose from, why not make Fresh Perspectives Media your first choice.


Fresh Perspectives Media - Reason 1

Fresh Perspectives Media DESIGNS your product or service with you in mind.

You will get personalized attention throughout your entire process.
Fresh Perspectives Media - Reason 2

Fresh Perspectives Media DISTRIBUTES you the highest quality video in the format you need for your finished product.

You get the utmost care produced in a video that meets all of your needs
Fresh Perspectives Media - Reason 3

Fresh Perspectives Media DELIVERS your product based on your needs.

You get customizable pricing to ensure that you only pay for what you need.


Business Manager

Head Videographer & Photographer

Web Designer & Social Media Consultant

Videographer, Photographer & Graphic Design Artist